Our Inspiration

Every day you should feel safe, free, comfortable and inspired by nature, regardless of the season and weather.


Vision & Mission


To become the globally most appreciated Nordic outdoor clothing brand.


With knowledge and passion, we want to create good clothing and gear so that more people can enjoy an active outdoor life that contributes to improved well-being.

Brand Promise

Every day you should feel safe, free, comfortable and inspired by nature, regardless of the season and weather.

Core Values


Rooted in Småland, we are a family where everyone belongs. Everything we do is for real, we are one with our consumers. Each seam in each garment is designed with experience, expertise and care, in Värnamo.

Our inspiration comes from how folks actually do things, not from how we want them to do. We are driven by common sense, stubborness, curiosity and a bit of Småland’s ingenuity.

Proud to be local – in Småland, Sweden. Community is a strength. Pinewood is the result of determined collaboration.

We know this. We love this.


When we say something, we mean it.

We are our own most critical consumer, and everything we do must pass a needle’s eye of honesty and truth.The foundation of Pinewood is lowering the threshold to nature for as many people as possible, by making it safe, uncomplicated and accessible. To keep living by that is important to us, since we exist at the heart of reality. Fabricating made-up and exaggerated images of Pinewood as something we’re not, will never be interesting. When we speak, we mean it. When we show something, it has happened for real.


Protect nature with focus on quality and materials.

With our roots in the woods, we are aware of the responsibility toward the climate that comes with running a global apparel brand.We strive toward lowering our environmental impact through an increasing share of sustainable materials, and by also gradually improving quality we secure better longevity in all products.Today, we have also fully converted to fluorocarbon-free DWR’s, consistantly increase our use of recycled materials. We pose demands on all material suppliers to at a minimum comply withEU chemical regulations, and we influence an increasing number of partners to become certified according to Amfori BSCI’s code of conduct, including the 11 rules for fair and safe working conditions.


We find smart and functional solutions.

As Swedish entrepreneurs, we will always be driven by the notion that things can be made a little bit better. Sometimes, it’s about being open to new technologies for a nordic environment, or coming up with clever solutions that perfectly fit your outdoor habits. But also, about the sensation ofScandinavian design on the surface, while the content is packed with exactly the features needed for full focus on the moment, regardless season or weather. Hoods that follow every move, reachable ammunition compartments, hiking gear that keep you dry. To make the day in the woods, by the lake and on the mountain even better, with even more thought-through details.