Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

§ 1 General

Pinewood AB, Bokåkravägen 4, 331 53 Värnamo (Org. No. 556431-0000) sells clothing and accessories via pinewood.eu/sv-se in accordance with the Distance and Home Sales Act (Law (2005:59).

§ 2 Prices

All our prices are stated in Euro and include VAT. We reserve the right for any price increases, price errors, printing errors, stock outs, inventory errors, etc. A product that has already been dispatched from our warehouse is not affected by any price changes, such as sales, promotions, discount codes, or pricing adjustments that occur after the order is placed.

Any promotions at Pinewood AB are time-limited. When using discount codes, they are generally only valid for one purchase and cannot be combined with other offers. We ask you to check that the price is correct before completing your purchase. Pinewood AB reserves the right to cancel orders in case of misuse or misinformation of various kinds, payment issues, or improper use of discount codes.

§ 3 Payment

Payment is handled through Klarna Checkout, which is offered in cooperation with Klarna AB. Klarna Checkout distinguishes between purchase and payment. First, you confirm your purchase, then you choose how you want to pay. You can choose Klarna invoice, Klarna account, direct payment with a card, or bank transfer.

Klarna Checkout: By using Klarna Checkout, you agree to Klarna AB’s (556737-0431, Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm), "Klarna," terms. To use Klarna Checkout, you must be at least 18 years old.

§ 4 Identification, Adaptation, and Risk Assessment

To securely identify you and prevent unauthorized use or misuse of Klarna Checkout and to meet the requirements of good credit practice, Klarna needs to verify your identity. Klarna collects additional information such as personal ID number, name, and address, and when choosing credit options, credit information from various providers. Klarna also needs to use the information you may have provided during previous purchases, publicly available information on the internet, and information on how you have previously fulfilled our payment terms to make a risk assessment. Klarna Checkout automatically adapts the risk assessment, and thus the design of the service, each time you use the service, and you do not need to provide more information than necessary. In some cases, previously provided and Klarna-approved address information is displayed to you as soon as you provide your email address and postal code. The approved address may only be used to pre-fill address details directly in connection with a purchase. By completing the purchase, you confirm your identity and correct delivery address.

§ 5 Payment, Fees

Klarna Checkout displays the payment options that can be offered to you. Current payment options that may be offered through Klarna Checkout are invoice, account credit, card payment, or direct payment via bank. When paying by invoice, Klarna’s current invoice terms apply; currently, a 14-day credit period, a reminder fee is added in case of missed payment. If you have purchased for less than 60 SEK, a 29 SEK reminder fee is added, and if you have purchased for 60 SEK or more, a 60 SEK reminder fee is added. There is also a late payment interest corresponding to 24% plus the current reference rate set by the Riksbank. There is no cost to use Klarna Checkout. However, any fees may be added through the chosen payment option, see the individual payment terms for the option you choose. Klarna can add or remove one or more payment options offered in Klarna Checkout at any time. When you complete a purchase via Klarna Checkout, you enter into an agreement with Klarna, where Klarna guarantees that you do not need to pay if you do not receive your goods. Klarna simultaneously compensates the store for your purchase and thereby takes over the right to be paid. Regardless of the payment method you choose, your payment is thus made to settle the claim Klarna has. You can read the full terms and conditions for Klarna Checkout here.

§ 6 Personal Data

Personal data you provide to Pinewood AB is handled with respect and in accordance with Swedish data protection laws and GDPR. By providing your personal data, you consent to us using the collected information to fulfill our obligations to you and provide the service you expect, such as deliveries to you. We will also send you Pinewood information via email, provided you have indicated that you wish to receive it, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

We will not sell or disclose your personal data to third parties. You also have the right to access the information about you that Pinewood AB processes.

§ 7 Shipping Fee

The shipping fee for Schenker to an agent is 6 €. The shipping fee is 11 € for Schenker Home Delivery. For any returns, a return fee of 7 € will be deducted from the amount refunded by Klarna. If Pinewood AB cannot deliver all goods within the promised delivery time, there is no shipping fee for the backorder. In the event of an approved complaint, Pinewood AB covers the shipping cost from and back to the customer.

§ 8 Delivery Methods / Delivery Time / Deliveries

We deliver our shipments with Schenker Ombud to one of their collection points, usually located closest to you as a customer. Normal delivery time for Schenker Ombud from when the shipment leaves us is 1-3 working days. Pinewood AB aims to pack our shipments within 1-3 working days and then hand over the package to the carrier. Longer packing times may occur during peak seasons. Schenker will notify the delivery via your provided mobile number. For questions regarding the delivery of your package, visit www.dbschenker.com, where it is very easy to search/track the package. You can also track it via the link you received in the SMS from Schenker when the item was shipped from Pinewood AB.

§ 9 Warranty

We guarantee that the products you ordered are free from manufacturing defects for three years. The warranty applies from the date the product was collected from the delivery address. We reserve the right to deduct a wear and tear allowance for complaints older than one year. The warranty does not cover defects that occur during or after your modification of the product's function or appearance. It also does not cover external influences on the product that differ from the product's marketed purpose. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects related to the product itself, not any consequential damages. Warranty repairs should be performed by Pinewood AB unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer.

§ 10 Right of Withdrawal, Complaints, Exchange, and Returns

Complaints for products purchased from one of our retailers should be handled via the retailer.

Pinewood AB has a 30-day return policy in the webshop. You have the right to exchange size, color, item, or get a refund within 30 days from the delivery of the purchase. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the product must be unused and in undamaged original packaging, i.e., product box (for example, for base layers and others) or bag. The product must be in a condition that allows it to be resold without additional measures. All garment labels must remain attached.

Exchange: For all returns for exchange, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping back to our warehouse. Upon approved return, Klarna will refund the cost of the product to the customer's account. If you want a new product, color, or size, you are asked to place a new order on the website under the conditions that a new order entails; we cannot handle exchanges in the webshop.

Complaint: The item you purchase from us should be defect-free upon delivery. If the product you received has a defect, it must be reported to us within 14 days from the receipt of delivery. If the return concerns a delivery of the wrong size, color, or model by Pinewood AB or due to an approved complaint, we will, of course, cover the shipping cost for the return to and from our warehouse. It is therefore important to use the return label received with the product. Upon approved complaint, Klarna will refund the cost of the product and return shipping to the customer's account, and we will ensure that the replacement product is sent to you; you do not need to place a new order in the webshop.

For proper handling of exchange/complaint, please also read the section in FAQ called “How should I send in the return?” and “How should a return look that I send back?”.

As a consumer, you have the right by law to complain for up to three years from the purchase, but within a reasonable time (two months) from when the defect was discovered. To enable faster handling of your complaint, we ask you, if you have created an account with us, to register the return via your login at www.pinewood.se. If you have not created an account with us, please fill in the return form that was included in the shipment. If this form is missing, it can be downloaded here for self-printing. If you are missing your return address label, send an email to: ehandel@pinewood.se with your complete address details, and we will send you a new one. By complete address details, we mean: first and last name, address, personal ID number, and phone number. For other questions or concerns that cannot be handled via the website or return and complaint form, email reklamation@pinewood.se where you provide your full name, your order/receipt number, a brief description of the reason for the complaint, a picture of the damage if possible, and your contact details (phone number and email address) before any return.

For the comfort and well-being of all, we kindly ask you to ensure that your product is in good hygienic condition when it is returned to us. Some returns will be donated to charitable causes, and for these organizations to accept the clothing, the garments must be clean. This means it is your responsibility to ensure that clothes are washed, shoes are well cleaned, etc., for them to be accepted. Otherwise, the product will be returned to you without action, and a shipping fee will be charged via Klarna.

Pinewood AB always reserves the right, in case of a defect, to primarily repair the fault that has occurred. If this is not possible, we reserve the right to exchange the item for a new one or, as a last resort, refund the value of the product.

Products returned against cash on delivery or cash on delivery will not be accepted by Pinewood AB.

When returning a product, the sender of the return (=the customer) is responsible for ensuring that the item arrives and that it does so in an undamaged condition. Remember to package it well!

Note! It is important to use the return address label attached to the original shipment or downloaded again with all returns. The cost of returning items sent in another way must be covered by the customer. The customer is responsible for packaging the return in appropriately sized packaging to protect the product from transportation damage. The return document included in the original shipment should be filled in for faster processing.

§ 11 Packages Not Collected from Pickup Points

We reserve the right to charge the customer a fee for packages not collected from the pick-up point. The fee is currently 27 € and covers the cost of return shipping, handling fee, and processing costs. The cost will be billed by Klarna. Packages usually remain at the pick-up point for about 7 days from the arrival date. For more information, please contact your pick-up point/agent.

§ 12 Refund for Returns

Managed through Klarna. Upon request for a refund for a purchase, this amount will first be offset against any other outstanding debts the buyer has with Klarna, after the complaint has been approved. If the purchase was made via credit card, Klarna will refund to the same credit card. Other regulations are handled according to Klarna's rules.

§ 13 Force Majeure

We consider ourselves exempt from fulfilling our obligations under these terms in the event of changed legislation, government action, labor disputes, fire, flood, war, terrorism, sabotage, major accidents, or similar events.

Legal Information

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Authorized Signatory: Rainer Rüssel

Phone: +46 (0)370–341 450

Email: info@pinewood.se

Company Registry: Companies Registration Office

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