Father's Day is approaching, and if your dad is a true adventurer and nature lover, you’ve come to the right place

At Pinewood, we understand the passion for outdoor adventures, and we’ve gathered the perfect gift ideas to make Father’s Day special for your adventurous dad. Whether your father prefers hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or just being out in nature, he’ll appreciate receiving high-quality clothing designed for his passion.

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to give your dad clothes that are not only practical but also stylish and trendy. Give him a gift that will accompany him on all his adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Nature Together

Why not plan a day in the woods for you and your dad? Take a hike, fish in a stream, or have a cozy picnic in the middle of nature. Pack a backpack with everything you need, including his favorite food and drinks. It’s a perfect chance to spend time together and create memories. Explore our range of backpacks to find the perfect one for your day outdoors.

Personal Adventures

Father's Day is about expressing love. Don’t just give a gift, give an experience. Surprise your dad with a guided tour in a nature reserve or to a place he’s always wanted to visit. It can be anything from a coffee at a favorite spot to a starlit night in a shelter or a shared hike along his favorite trail. Only you know best what he would appreciate most.

High-Quality Gear, Including Outdoor Clothing

Father's Day is your chance to express your love in a way that truly matters to your dad. Don’t just give him a gift, give him an adventure. Discover our range of high-quality outdoor clothing – each garment is not just a gift but an invitation to new adventures. Each piece is, in addition to being an investment in quality and functionality, also an investment in the memories you create together.

So let Father’s Day be the start of a new adventure. Give your dad not just clothes, but a passion for nature and memories that will warm him like his favorite sweater for many years to come.

Gifts your dad will cherish

  • 5069-100-01_Pinewood-Tiveden-Fleece-Sweater-Mens_Green

    Pinewood® Tiveden Fleece Sweater M's

    artnr 5069

    Sale price €34,95 Regular price
  • 9026-260-60_Pinewood39026-260-20_Pinewood5

    Pinewood® Härjedalen Shirt M's

    artnr 9026

    Sale price €38,47 Regular price €54,95
  • 9648-142-60_Pinewood9648-142-66_Pinewood3

    Pinewood® Hurricane Sweater M's

    artnr 9648

    Sale price €149,95 Regular price
  • 5402-400-60_Pinewood-Trousers-Brenton_Black5402-400-66_Pinewood-Trousers-Brenton_Black

    Pinewood® Abisko Brenton Trousers M's

    artnr 5402

    Sale price From €0 Regular price
  • 1142-723-01_Pinewood-Finnveden-Hybrid-Cap_Dark-Olive-Hunting-Olive1142-723-40_Pinewood

    Finnveden Hybrid Cap

    artnr 1142

    Sale price €29,95 Regular price
  • 1913-137-60_Pinewood1913-137-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Day Pack 22l

    artnr 1913

    Sale price €99,95 Regular price
  • 5533-605-01_Pinewood-Nydala-Grouse-Shirt-Mens_Offwhite-Green

    Nydala Grouse Shirt M’s

    artnr 5533

    Sale price €84,95 Regular price
  • 5000-101-60_Pinewood5000-101-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Canada 2.0 Classic Shirt M's

    artnr 5000

    Sale price €129,95 Regular price
  • 5213-443-60_Pinewood5213-443-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Abisko Telluz Jacket M's

    artnr 5213

    Sale price €249,95 Regular price
  • 5408-415-01_Pinewood-Finnveden-Base-Layer-Mens_Black-Dark-Grey5408-415-01_Pinewood-Finnveden-Base-Layer-Mens_Black-Dark-Grey-topbottom

    Finnveden Base Layer M's

    artnr 5408

    Sale price €44,95 Regular price
  • 5460-135-01_Pinewood-Polo-Shirt-Varnamo_Mossgreen

    Pinewood® Värnamo Polo Shirt M's

    artnr 5460

    Sale price €39,95 Regular price
  • 1244-135-60_Pinewood1244-135-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Hunters Mesh Cap

    artnr 1244

    Sale price €24,95 Regular price

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