Welcome into the warmth and outside to the cold!

We've all been exploring new traditions the last couple years and we've moved some of our traditions outside into nature, celebrating in the fresh air with family and friends. We have been going back to some of our former traditions but we at Pinewood hope that some of them will stay and keep their place now and in the future; the wonderful days in snow-covered hills and in the forest. So wrap and give a wonderful gift of adventures and outdoor excursions TOGETHER.

Christmas Gifts For Your Father, Brother, Cousin

  • 5000-518-60_Pinewood-Shirt-Canada-Classic-2-0_Red-Black5000-518-66_Pinewood-Shirt-Canada-Classic-2-0_Red-Black

    Pinewood® Canada 2.0 Classic Shirt M's

    artnr 5000

    Sale price €129,95 Regular price
  • 5000-101-60_Pinewood5000-101-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Canada 2.0 Classic Shirt M's

    artnr 5000

    Sale price €129,95 Regular price
  • 1420-101-01_Pinewood-Classic-Checked-fur-Hat_Green-Black

    Pinewood® Classic Checked Fur Hat

    artnr 1420

    Sale price €44,95 Regular price
  • 5406-733-01_Pinewood-Abisko-Merino-Base-Layer-Half-Zip-Mens_Dark-Mossgreen

    Abisko Merino Base Layer Half Zip M’s

    artnr 5406

    Sale price €99,95 Regular price
  • 5407-733-01_Pinewood-Abisko_BLANK_Merino_BLANK_Base-Layer-Pants-Mens_Dark-Mossgreen

    Abisko Merino Base Layer Pants M’s

    artnr 5407

    Sale price €89,95 Regular price
  • 5533-605-01_Pinewood-Nydala-Grouse-Shirt-Mens_Offwhite-Green

    Nydala Grouse Shirt M’s

    artnr 5533

    Sale price €84,95 Regular price
  • 5009-124-60_Pinewood5009-124-66_Pinewood3

    Pinewood Värnamo Flannel Shirt M’s

    artnr 5009

    Sale price €59,95 Regular price
  • 5008-153-60_Pinewood5008-153-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Finnveden Padded Overshirt M's

    artnr 5008

    Sale price €109,95 Regular price
  • 1112-135-01_Pinewood-Socks-Forest_Mossgreen

    Pinewood® Forest Sock

    artnr 1112

    Sale price €19,95 Regular price
  • 5489-135-60_Pinewood5489-135-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Lappland Merino Ls T-shirt M’s

    artnr 5489

    Sale price €109,95 Regular price
  • 5486-194-60_Pinewood5486-194-66_Pinewood

    Lappland Rough Sweater M’s

    artnr 5486

    Sale price €159,95 Regular price

Christmas Gifts for your mother, sister, grandmother

  • 1420-518-60_Pinewood1420-518-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Classic Checked Fur Hat

    artnr 1420

    Sale price €44,95 Regular price
  • 3009-815-60_Pinewood3009-815-66_Pinewood

    Värnamo Flannel Shirt W’s

    artnr 3009

    Sale price €59,95 Regular price
  • 9349-378-60_Pinewood9349-378-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Hurricane Knitted Sweater W's

    artnr 9349

    Sale price €149,95 Regular price
  • 3406-437-01_Pinewood-Abisko-Merino-Base-Layer-Half-Zip-Womens_Smoke-Black3406-437-40_Pinewood-Env-0001-0006-0103_3406-437_3407-437

    Abisko Merino Base Layer Half Zip W’s

    artnr 3406

    Sale price €99,95 Regular price
  • 3407-437-01_Pinewood-Abisko_BLANK_Merino_BLANK_Base-Layer-Pants-Womens_Smoke-Black3407-437-40_Pinewood-Env-0001-0006-0103_3406-437_3407-437

    Abisko Merino Base Layer Pants W’s

    artnr 3407

    Sale price €89,95 Regular price
  • 3213-135-60_Pinewood3213-135-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Abisko Telluz Jacket W's

    artnr 3213

    Sale price €249,95 Regular price
  • 3428-754-60_Pinewood3428-754-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Prestwick Exclusive Shirt W's

    artnr 3428

    Sale price €84,95 Regular price
  • 3179-400-60_Pinewood3179-400-66_Pinewood

    Finnveden Active Tights W’s

    artnr 3179

    Sale price €99,95 Regular price
  • 3303-723-60_Pinewood3303-723-66_Pinewood

    Pinewood® Finnveden Hybrid Jacket W's

    artnr 3303

    Sale price €179,95 Regular price

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