Meet Ruth, the five-year-old Pomeranian revolutionizing perceptions of her breed in dog competitions. Together with her owner Louise, Ruth is taking the competitive world by storm.

As an independent individual with strong integrity, Ruth is not only a pet owner’s delight but also a skilled competition dog. She participates in rally obedience, agility, tracking, freestyle, and conformation shows, where she demonstrates outstanding skill and enthusiasm. She is a happy and alert girl who loves to be active.

"You can see the happiness in her when we arrive at training or head out into the forest. That's when she's living her best life!" says Louise.

Louise and Ruth live with their small family, Louise's partner Pontus, the Keeshond Hedda, and the farm cat Bamse, in the Söderhamn archipelago, with the sea on one side and the forest on the other.

Louise continues, "Our focus is on rally obedience where we are now competing in the master class with the goal of Ruth becoming a Swedish Rally Obedience Champion. We also plan to expand our ambitions in agility and tracking."

Every competition brings positive feedback from judges and spectators; they love seeing the breed active.

Louise and Ruth prove that any dog, regardless of breed, can achieve greatness with the right guidance and training. Ruth's journey is living proof of this, inspiring dog owners everywhere to reconsider their own dogs' potential.

Follow their journey via @ruththepomeranian and be inspired by Ruth's amazing achievements and charming personality!

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