How to dress appropriately for spring hikes in scenic surroundings!

How should you dress when hiking during the spring season? At this time the weather is still unreliable and can change from really cold to quite hot depending on the time of day. It can be sub-zero temperatures and snow in the mornings, and then change to bright sun and double-digit plus temperatures later in the day. It is therefore important to choose the right clothes to keep you both dry and warm enough. We advise on which clothes are suitable for hiking, and what to keep in mind when dressing for a full day out in the unpredictable spring weather. We have hiking clothes for both men and women and we give you our best tips.


It can be tricky to choose the right hiking gear as you are usually out for a whole day with all its weather changes. When the weather varies, the best method is to dress in layers. That way, you can easily peel off multiple layers if you get too hot. During cold mornings, you can start with several layers of clothing and later in the day take off garments if you need to. A base layer in merino wool closest to the body is an optimal first layer. Our Abisko merino base layer consists of two layers of fabric where the layer closest to the skin is made of bamboo viscose, which gives the garment excellent comfort and softness and counteracts bad odour. The wool component in the second layer is self-cleaning and keeps you warm even if you get wet. By combining these materials, the garment has a long durability and thus a lower effect on the environment. It is available for both men and women in classic black and green.


Next step is an outdoor trouser over the underpants. It’s best to choose one with wind and water repellent properties that protect you against wetness and cold, and preferably has ventilation zippers on the sides. The zippers allow you to open up the trousers for increased airflow when you get too hot. It's a simple and convenient way to quickly cool off later in the day when the heat in the air starts to increase.


You can favorably wear a hoodie or fleece with a zipper that can easily be opened up for cooling down, or to take the garment off completely. The Finnveden Hoodie is a power fleece with a brushed interior for maximum comfort, with built-in thumbholes that allow you to pull the sleeves down over the hands when it’s cold, and a hood to pull up to protect the neck and head from wind. Another option is a cap or beanie to keep your head warm. If it's a very sunny day, a sun hat can be a good option to hike in.


Among our hiking clothes for men, we recommend our new hiking set Finnveden Trail Hybrid, which is perfect for spring and summer hikes. It's a medium-thick set in supple TC stretch that is treated with a water repellent impregnation, and it also has UV protection against the sun. The material has high breathability, and the jacket has a mesh inner lining for good air flow. The trousers have reinforced fabric on the back, leg pockets, knees and leg ends, which makes them extra durable. If you want a thinner or thicker hiking set, we have a large selection of hiking clothing for men.


When it comes to women's hiking clothing, we can recommend our new Finnveden Trail Stretch set with flexible 4-way stretch that makes it comfortable to move around in. The fabric has high breathability that keeps you comfortably cool and is treated with an ecological impregnation that is water repellent. The set can withstand light rain and wetness and works great during spring and summer hikes. The jacket and trousers are light in weight, which makes them easy to pack into the bag. These are the ultimate garments for the vacation!


In addition to Finnveden Trail Stretch, we have a large range of hiking clothing for women and men. If you want thicker hiking clothes, you can choose our best-selling Finnveden Hybrid set; a flexible and versatile outdoor set with outstanding comfort and high stretch. The jacket is lined with airy High-Ventilation™ mesh lining for good air circulation and thermal insulation, and it has waxed areas along the shoulders and sleeves so you can use it frequently for a long time. Finnveden Hybrid trousers are versatile and suitable for various leisure and outdoor activities. Stretch parts on the front thighs and back thighs down to the calves make them extra flexible and comfortable to wear. The trousers have parts with a reinforced, waxed and water repellent surface where they are most pressured during activity, which is on the front thighs down, back calves down and in the seat.


If you ask our staff which garment is the best Pinewood garment of all time, the majority will say our Abisko Telluz jacket. It is an extremely water resistant, lightweight, wind proof and waterproof outdoor jacket; in other words, a jacket that can handle very rainy and windy days. With this jacket, you are properly dressed for hiking, regardless of the weather. It has a high collar with ventilation holes as well as a hood and taped seams. The jacket has a water repellent zipper and in the sides there are ventilation zippers that can be opened up. The jacket is available for both men and women in several attractive colours.


To summarize, there are many types of hiking clothing. The best thing to do when hiking is to choose something comfortable with water repellent properties and plenty of stretch in the fabric so you can move freely in the terrain. We have clothes for all kinds of hiking, regardless of whether you are going to hike in the Swedish mountains or among the beautiful and sunny views of Europe. We hope this guide has been helpful, otherwise don't hesitate to get in touch and consult our staff by phone or email!

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