The layering principle is a well-known and proven method in outdoor activities for dressing optimally in various weather conditions.

The layering principle is a well-known and proven method in outdoor activities for dressing optimally in various weather conditions. Whether you're going hiking in the mountains, skiing in snowy terrain, embarking on a summer hike through the forest, or going on a hunting adventure, it's important to understand and apply this principle to achieve both comfort and protection in all kinds of weather.


The basic idea behind the layering principle is to use multiple thinner layers of clothing instead of relying on a single thick garment. By doing this, an air space is created between the layers, which acts as insulation and helps regulate body temperature. By easily adding or removing a layer, you can adapt your clothing to your body's needs and the changing weather conditions during your activity.


The first layer, the base layer, is the closest to your body. Its main function is to wick away moisture and excess heat from the body to the absorbent layer. The base layer should keep you dry and comfortable regardless of the level of exertion and create a pleasant microclimate next to the skin. Materials that are moisture-wicking and quick-drying are particularly suitable for this layer. A good option for a base layer is the Abisko Merino base layer, which are made of high-quality merino wool and provide excellent moisture management and insulation.


The second layer, the mid-layer, has the important task of absorbing moisture from the base layer and transporting it to the outer layer while retaining body heat. It's important that this layer is sufficiently airy to promote good air circulation and efficient moisture transport. A reliable choice for the mid-layer is our Abisko Mid-Layer. Materials such as fleece provide an optimal balance between warmth and moisture transport, which is crucial for keeping you comfortable during the activity.


In some cases, an additional mid-layer, which we can call the 2.5 layer, may be necessary to better withstand extreme cold. This layer could be a jacket or vest that provides extra insulation and retains more air near the body. If you need an extra mid-layer, the Abisko Insulation Vest is an excellent choice. It's made with a durable, insulating material, similar to down, and has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for extra cold protection.


The third layer, or sometimes fourth layer, constitutes the outer protective layer. Its primary purpose is to shield you from wind, cold, and precipitation. This layer should be roomy enough to accommodate the previous layers and provide sufficient freedom of movement. It should also regulate heat and allow for ventilation to manage excess heat during higher activity levels. Here, you can advantageously choose the Abisko Telluz Jacket, an extremely waterproof, lightweight and windproof jacket. If you prefer a more insulated jacket, you can choose, for example, the Värnamo Padded Jacket or the Abisko Insulation Jacket, both padded with a sustainable material similar to down with 600+ fill power.


In addition to the products mentioned above for applying the layering principle in outdoor activities, protective and warming accessories are also needed. Warming accessories such as hats, gloves, and buffs are important components to complement the layering principle and provide extra protection and comfort during outdoor activities. These accessories have specific functions that help maintain body heat and protect the most sensitive areas of the body from cold and wind.


A hat is crucial for protecting the head, which is one of the body's major sources of heat loss. By covering the head, the hat prevents heat from escaping and also protects sensitive ears and face from cold and wind. Fleece or wool hats are excellent choices because these materials are naturally warming and have good insulation properties. The Pinewood® New Stöten Hat keeps the head warm and comfortable in cold conditions.


Gloves play a crucial role in keeping the hands warm and protecting them from cold and wind. When the temperature drops, hands quickly lose heat, and without protection, it can lead to discomfort and even the risk of frostbite. Pinewood® Fleece Gloves are an example of gloves that offer warmth and comfort during outdoor activities.


A buff, or neck gaiter, is a versatile accessory that can be used in different ways to protect the neck, throat, and face from cold and wind. It can be worn around the neck like a regular scarf, pulled up over the mouth and nose as a face mask, or used as a hat by folding and pulling it over the head. For example, the Pinewood® Outdoor Neck Gaiter can be a good choice to provide extra warmth and protection around the neck and face.


By using these warming accessories, you can improve your overall body temperature control and avoid unnecessary heat loss. By keeping these areas warm and protected, you can maintain a comfortable and balanced body temperature, contributing to increased comfort and performance during outdoor activities.

In addition to warming accessories, proper rain and shell garments are crucial for protecting yourself against tough weather conditions such as snow, rain, and wind, where an additional protective outer layer is needed to keep all moisture and cold air out.


A rain jacket is an indispensable garment that provides effective protection against unexpected rain and weather changes. The Pinewood® Rainfall Poncho is an excellent choice when it comes to rain jackets. It is made of a waterproof and windproof material that keeps you dry and protected even during heavy rain. Additionally, it has good breathability, allowing you to be active without feeling damp and uncomfortable. The Rainfall Poncho has a spacious design that fits well over your other layers of clothing and provides freedom of movement when you're out in nature.


When it comes to shell pants, the Abisko Telluz Pants from Pinewood are an excellent choice. These pants are made of water- and windproof material with taped seams to prevent moisture from seeping in. To facilitate easy on and off and provide you with the option to ventilate your body when needed, the pants have fully opening zippers along both sides. Additionally, the Abisko Telluz Pants have a slightly wider fit, allowing you to easily use them as outer layer pants over your other clothing layers.


By choosing high-quality products like these, you can dress according to the layering principle and be prepared for various weather conditions and activities during your outdoor adventures. Remember to adjust your clothing according to temperature and activity level to keep yourself comfortable and protected during your journeys.

Basics essentials for the layering principle

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