What colour should your hunting gear be?

When choosing the right hunting gear, there are several factors that need to be considered, such as function, season and type of hunting. The clothing also plays an important role. When should you wear signal coloured camouflage and when should you wear green camouflage? We have put together a guide to help you choose the right colour for your hunting clothes. Mainly it depends on what kind of animal you are going to hunt.

Signal colour

Signal colour should be worn as a safety measure. If there are several people hunting at the same time, it is advisable to wear signal garments for extra clear visibility. During moose hunt and battue there are usually several hunters at play, therefore signal colour ought to be included in the clothing. If you are a dog handler, a dog handler's vest or jacket in signal orange is recommended.

How visible you want to be is up to you. Either you can go for a complete hunting outfit in signal colour, or only a hat or jacket with orange details. Several of our jackets and trousers have pockets with integrated safety straps, meaning you can deploy an orange signal strap around your arm or leg if needed. If you’re battue walking, safety is essential, and you should wear a lot of orange in your clothing.

It is said that animals cannot see orange, except for birds. Signal colour is therefore strictly advised from when it comes to bird hunting. Instead camouflage without any orange features is preferred to mask yourself. An exception to this, however, is grouse hunting. Since grouses lie on the ground, you are not as visible to them, and the signal colour will not necessarily reveal you. Therefore, it can be wise to wear an orange headgear if there are several of hunters on the mountain.

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Green camouflage is optimal for stealth hunting where you want to blend into the environment and camouflage yourself for the prey. If possible, choose a pattern that reflects the surroundings. Our camouset 5661 in the Realtree Max 5 pattern looks like reed and is perfect for bird- or beaver hunting by the lakeside.

    Signal coloured camouflage

    But what is the purpose of signal coloured camouflage pattern? It is said that animals cannot see the colour orange, it is only worn to signal your presence to other hunters. Although some surveys done today says that the red deer may see the orange colour, but that our most common game such as moose, fallow deer, hare, fox and wild boar do not. If you wear orange camouflage pattern, it makes you less visible to the wild breed than a plain orange garment because you break up the contrasts of yourself and the clothing.

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    With monochromatic clothing, you are appropriate for all kinds of hunting. It is suitable for stealth hunting where you need to blend into the environment, and if visibility is needed, you can supplement with a signal headgear or fold out the signal tape into the integrated security pocket if you have one. Monochrome colour is also stylish for after hunt activities.

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