Retrieving training for dogs is not only an excellent exercise that stimulates both the body and mind of your four-legged friend, but also an effective way to build a stronger relationship between you and your dog.

For dog handlers, it is crucial to choose outdoor clothing that is adapted to all weather conditions and meets the specific needs during training.

In this guide, Moa Bågenholm explains more about what you as a dog handler should look for in clothing to ensure a comfortable and productive training experience.

What does Retrieving entail?

Retrieving is a method where dogs learn to search, fetch, and deliver objects on command. This is an important skill in hunting and dog sports, strengthening the bond between dog and owner and providing physical and mental stimulation for the dog. Hunting retrieving, a central part of training for hunting dogs, focuses on fetching and delivering game, an indispensable ability for hunting dogs.

However, this skill is not limited to work purposes only. Retrieving occurs in several different dog sports, and there are many dog owners who train their dogs in retrieving as a fun and rewarding activity that strengthens the bond between them and creates a happy and well-adjusted four-legged friend.

Functional clothing for the dog handler

When participating in retrieving training, durable and resilient clothing is essential. They should be functional, comfortable, and protect against various weather conditions. I recommend clothes with practical features such as training belts with pockets, water bottles, and leash holders.

The Pinewood Dog Sports Utility Belt is ideal for this purpose and well-suited for the dog trainer with large functional pockets for storing dummies and practical features such as a D-ring for a leash, bottle holder, pocket for waste bags, and a detachable treat bag. It can be used year-round, always equally practical.

Dress According to the Weather

Autumn and Unstable Weather: Dress in layers and use wind- and waterproof clothing. I have selected the Pinewood Abisko Telluz Jacket, which is outstanding even in persistent rain or snow, and then chosen to combine it with the Pinewood Pile Fleece Jacket for extra warmth.

Contact with Water and Dirt: Choose quick-drying and flexible pants. At this training session, I am wearing the Wilda Stretch Shell Pants, which are perfect for all training conditions really.


Choosing the right clothes for retrieving training is crucial for both you and your dog's comfort and performance. With the right equipment, you and your dog can enjoy an effective and enjoyable training experience, regardless of weather conditions.

Explore Pinewood's complete range of dog handler clothing and discover the difference quality can make.

Make retrieving with your dog easy & enjoyable

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