Being a dog handler during duck hunting often means having to stand still in damp areas near water, which places high demands on your hunting clothes. They must be both windproof and waterproof while keeping you warm during the colder days of autumn.

Being a dog handler during duck hunting often means having to stand still in damp areas near water, which places high demands on your hunting clothes. They must be both windproof and waterproof while keeping you warm during the colder days of autumn.

Whether you're an experienced dog handler or a beginner, it's important to choose the right hunting clothes to make the most of your duck hunting experience. This season lasts well into November, and by that time, temperatures may have dropped, and sub-zero temperatures may occur. Here, we share tips and insights on the best choices of hunting clothes for dog handlers during duck hunting.

Layering for a more comfortable hunting day

The first layer, the base layer, sits closest to your body and plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature by absorbing and wicking away moisture. When choosing a base layer, make sure it's both comfortable and functional, meaning it can keep your body warm and dry so you don't get wet and cold when standing still.

For example, the Abisko Merino Base Layer Pants and Abisko Merino Base Layer Top are designed to function optimally close to the skin, with a layer of bamboo viscose for comfort and a second layer of wool to wick away moisture and sweat. Remember, the base layer should fit close to the body without being too tight to provide the best insulation. To complement the base layer, you can use warm wool socks, such as the Pinewood Drytex Socks, which help wick away moisture and keep your feet warm and dry during the hunt.

Fleece jacket - optimal as a mid-layer

Fleece works great as a mid-layer during hunting with dogs, especially during the colder part of the year. They insulate your body and keep you warm while wicking away moisture and retaining heat even when damp. The Smalland Forest Fleece Jacket is a quiet and soft fleece jacket with functional pockets, perfect as a mid-layer on chilly hunting days.

Hunting Clothes for Dog Handlers

As a dog handler during duck hunting, you need hunting clothes that keep you warm and dry all day long, even when you're still. These clothes must also be comfortable, functional, and equipped with practical details and pockets. The Småland Forest Padded Jacket is a padded, windproof, and waterproof jacket that ensures you stay warm during the hunt. It also features practical functions like a radio pocket, back pocket, and fleece-lined handwarmer pockets. The Småland Forest Pants are hunting pants perfectly suited for duck hunting with their windproof and waterproof membrane, taped seams, and water-repellent impregnation.

Dog Handler Vest

A dog handler vest must offer plenty of pockets and storage space to keep essential accessories and tools within reach. The Pinewood Dog Sports Vest 2.0 has spacious and functional pockets, including open hand pockets with D-rings, dual chest pockets, and two inner pockets. It also has a large and spacious back pocket where you can store items like leashes, dummies, release cords, and bird loops. It's important that the dog handler vest fits well and provides the freedom of movement you need for your role as a dog handler during the hunt.

  • 3281-135-01_Pinewood-Dog-Sports-Trainer-Vest-Womens_Mossgreen

    Pinewood® Dog Sports Trainer Vest W’s

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  • 3894-114-60_Pinewood3894-114-66_Pinewood3

    Småland Forest Fleece Jacket W’s

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  • 3406-437-01_Pinewood-Abisko-Merino-Base-Layer-Half-Zip-Womens_Smoke-Black3406-437-40_Pinewood-Env-0001-0006-0103_3406-437_3407-437

    Abisko Merino Base Layer Half Zip W’s

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  • 5407-437-01_Pinewood-Abisko_BLANK_Merino_BLANK_Base-Layer-Pants-Mens_Smoke-Black

    Abisko Merino Base Layer Pants M’s

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  • 9934-205-01_Pinewood-Hiking-Hunting-Boot-High9934-205-40_Pinewood-Env-0001-0013-0087_5997-722_9934-205

    Pinewood® Hunting & Outdoor Boot High

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    Småland Forest Padded Jacket W’s

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    Småland Forest Trousers W’s

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    Pinewood® Windy Hat

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    Furudal Hunters Glove

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    Pinewood® Hunting & Outdoor Boot – Mid

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    Pinewood® Drytex High Sock

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Good Shoes are Crucial

A pair of quality hunting boots are absolutely crucial, as poor shoes can leave you wet and cold. Your hunting boots should be warm, waterproof, and shock-absorbing with good traction to handle slippery conditions. A boot with a high shaft provides increased support and helps prevent moisture. Pinewood Hunting & Hiking Boots are available in both low and high models, with a waterproof breathable membrane that keeps your feet warm and dry.

Warm Accessories are Important Details

Gloves and a hat are important accessories during the cold hunting season. Choose warm gloves that protect against cold and rain while providing you with enough freedom of movement and grip. The Furudal Hunters Glove is a windproof and durable glove, suitable for tougher use, with touch material on the index finger for using your smartphone without removing the gloves. A lined hunting hat like this knitted Pinewood Windy Hat is an important detail to protect your head from chilly winds.

For an optimal experience during duck hunting with dogs, it's crucial to choose hunting clothes that are both windproof and waterproof while retaining warmth. Pinewood recommends the layering principle, where multiple layers of hunting clothes achieve optimal comfort and functionality. With extensive industry experience and a good understanding of what's needed during hunting with dogs, Pinewood is the perfect choice for all hunting gear. Discover our wide range of hunting clothes for men, women, and children today!

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