Clothing care

Did you know that the washing symbols on your clothes are not just for keeping the clothes from shrinking or loose elasticity?

The symbols are also there for protecting them from losing their water repellent properties, losing their breathability or clogging the pores in the fabric. This makes it extra important to follow the labels when washing your outdoor clothes. If you care for your clothes the right way you'll prolong their longevity, which makes both your wallet and the environment happy.

Tips for a sustainable laundry

  •  Not only sort the laundry by colour, sometimes you might also need to sort by material.

    - Don't overdose the laundry detergent. Too much of it might have the opposite effect and make it dirtier instead of cleaner. It's also not good for the environment!

    - Don't run a machine occasionally. It's better to run the machine multiple times in a row, that way it uses the energy from the previous wash which decreases the energy use.

    - Don't overload the washing machine. You risk damaging the machine and the laundry will most likely still be dirty when finished.

    - Don't forget to clean your washing machine every now and then. That way the laundry will be cleaner and fresher, and it extends the longevity of the machine. 

Wax, waterproofer and impregnation care

  • 9692-000-01_Pinewood-Pinetech-Wash-In-Waterproofer

    Pinetech Wash In Waterproofer

    artnr 9692

    Sale price €14,95 Regular price
  • 9693-000-01_Pinewood-Pinetech-Spray-On-Waterproofer-Air-Dry

    Pinetech Spray On Super Waterproofer Air Dry

    artnr 9693

    Sale price €14,95 Regular price
  • 9694-000-01_Pinewood-Pinetech-Spray-On-Waterproofer-Heat-Treatment

    Pinetech Spray On Super Waterproofer Abrasion Resistance

    artnr 9694

    Sale price €16,95 Regular price
  • 4600-002-01_Pinewood-Wax-Bar4600-002-40_Pinewood-Wax-Bar

    Pinewood® Water Repellent Wax

    artnr 4600

    Sale price €7,95 Regular price
  • 9698-000-01_Pinewood-Pinetech-Wash-In-Cleaner

    Pinetech Wash In Cleaner Detergent

    artnr 9698

    Sale price €9,95 Regular price
  • 1107-600-01_washing-bag1107-600-01_Pinewood_Washing-Bag_White

    Guppy Friend Washing Bag

    artnr 1107

    Sale price €34,95 Regular price
  • 9695-000-01_Pinewood-Pinetech-Deodoriser-Shoe-Spray

    Pinetech™ Deodoriser Shoe Spray

    artnr 9695

    Sale price €3,47 Regular price €4,95

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